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Who is Bitter Boy?

Bitter Boy's past has long been a secret and shall remain that way. It goes without saying that Bitter Boy has some problems. Something about using computers as he was born and having to actually program with others who he feels are inferior leads him to say rude, pointed, abrupt, and sometimes just downright asinine things! Iíll bet he makes a comment about you specifically.... tomorrow!

If you'd like to put a link to Bitter Boy somewhere with a dark background (he's that kind of person), copy and paste the following into your web page using Microsoft Notepad.

<A HREF="http://www.gunshy.ca/~bitterboy"><IMG SRC="http://www.gunshy.ca/~bitterboy/BitterBoy.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="BitterBoy" WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=200></A>
Bitter Boy can always be seen at Gunshy.CA

Bitter Boy is an autogened production from code by Spirit with artistic skills from Kathryn Finter.